How to use VPN on Android


VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network“. To make you understand this, first, let me explain to you the meaning of ‘Network’. For example, if you have set up an Internet connection at your home and you have a modem or a router for that. Besides these devices, you also have a laptop, a smartphone, and a smart T.V. Now, if you are sending something from your smartphone to your T.V, or you are working on your laptop using the wireless Wi-Fi of your smartphone; they all make up a Network. This is, however, an Internal Network, without any link to the outside world.

How to Use VPN on Android

But, if you are visiting any particular website over the Internet or you are watching any youtube video, the data is stored in a data center somewhere across the world (like U.S.A, Japan, India, etc.) and you are being able to pull the data from that location while watching the video. Even if you have to search something over the internet and you visit ““, Google pulls out for you the related page from the particular server where it is stored. Your search request goes to that particular server through your router, after which the server responds and displays the result.

Moreover, all the devices connected to the internet like your router, your modem, or any website of yours, everything is assigned a particular address. All the work is done using that assigned address only. That address, called the IP address (Internet Protocol address) goes to the server, and the server responds to your IP address that your requested page is available to be seen.

Benefits of IP address

  • It is only because of the IP address that you are able to access various sites over the internet.
  • The whole system of the Internet is dependent upon the concept of IP address only. Every device connected to the Internet is assigned an IP address.

Disadvantages of IP address

  • The worst part of the IP address is that your Internet Service Provider may be able to track the websites you are visiting, and everything you do on the internet using your IP address.
  • Since service providers know your IP address, they might be able to track your movements. They know which IP addresses you are raising requests for.
  • Even Government may be able to keep an eye on you with your IP address.
  • If you are using an open Wi-Fi network, your movements over the Internet can easily be tracked, and data can be also be stolen by hackers.
  • Many websites are restricted to only particular regions only (like the U.S.A, Germany etc); and visitors outside those regions (Visitors from India) cannot visit that website. This happens because the server is able to know from where you are sending requests and your IP address; after which they block you because that is a restricted website and you don’t belong to that country.

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How to overcome the disadvantages of an IP address?

In order to solve these problems, VPN is of great help. Using a VPN, we are able to overcome all of these obstacles. Restricted websites, videos, and content over the Internet can be accessed by anyone using VPN, without hackers and untrustworthy people being able to track your activity or know your IP address. This increases your security while using the Internet, and saves you from “privacy invasion”.

How to install and use VPN?

There are lots of VPN applications available over the Internet. Some are free and some are paid versions. Some versions have a free trial period, after which you have to purchase the subscription. Personally, I use the “Turbo VPN” on my android phone. Its totally free, and is also very easy to use.

Below are the steps to Install and use VPN:-

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store app on your Android mobile phone.

Step 2: In the Google Play search bar, type “Turbo VPN” and press on the search button. The full name of this app is- “Turbo VPN-Free Proxy Server & Secure VPN Service”.

Step 3: Now, install the app by pressing the “Install” button. The application will start to get downloaded. The size of this app is nearly 10 MB.

Step 4: Open the app. A window will appear asking you to make sure if you agree with their “Privacy Policy”. Press the “I AGREE” button.

Step 5: A new window will appear, asking you to “Start free 7-Day trial now”. Basically, don’t click on that, because that’s not necessary. Instead, just click on “No, thanks”.

Step 6: Finally, your Turbo VPN is installed in your phone. Now, click on the top right corner of the window, where you can see a small green colored “Earth” symbol.

Step 7: After you click on the “Earth” symbol, choose the country whose server you want to use. There is a list of free server. Suppose you are in India and you want to access content over the internet which is only accessible in the United States, then click on the “United States” server.

Step 8: A pop-up window will appear, asking for a connection request. Click on “ok”. You will be connected to the “United States” server automatically. Click on the “cross” button if you wish to disconnect.

Step 9: Now open your Internet browser and try to access that restricted/blocked website. You will see that the website will get opened. Enjoy surfing the Internet without any restrictions using VPN.

It is very necessary to understand that using VPN is not just about being able to access blocked and restricted websites, but you are also completely secured from any kind of privacy invasion; since hackers and untrustworthy people won’t be able to track your movements on internet, or obtain your personal information like “Usernames”, “Passwords”, “ATM number”, “Bank details” etc that you put on Internet. Your IP address cannot be traced by anyone, and you will be safe and secure from cyber-attacks. So, its always a wise decision to use a VPN, and stay safe and protected over the internet. Happy Internet browsing!

Hope this article was helpful to you, and all of your doubts were cleared. Thank you for reading this article. Have a good day!

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